5th March 2020

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5th March 2020

With Zwift you can ride with others from all over the world, but sometimes you might want to ride with specific people. If you’re looking to get together with friends on Zwift, there are a few different ways to make that happen:

  • Agree to meet a friend or friends at a certain point on a course at a certain time, making sure everyone chooses the same route.
  • Use Zwift’s “Ride With” feature to join someone already riding. When you log in to Zwift, select a world to view the list of riders currently on course. The names of people you’re following are listed first. Select a name in the rider list and hit the “Join” button. Be ready to start pedalling as soon as your avatar appears! Zwift will keep you alongside the other rider for a few seconds while you get up to speed.
  • Join an organized event like a group ride, race, or group workout, and have your friend(s) join it too.
  • Create a Meetup. This is a private event where you and a group of friends can ride together easily. Keep reading to see how it works!


While you’re in a Meetup, you’ll continue to see everyone on course, but the names of fellow Meetup participants will be highlighted in green in the rider list to the right. The leaderboards will be filtered to show only those in the Meetup with you, so you can have a friendly competition for leader’s jerseys. When you chat, you’ll only see each other’s messages.


Find the profile of a rider you want to meet up with in Zwift Companion and tap “Create Meetup.” You can also go to Events, tap the Meetup icon, and click “Create Meetup”.

First, you’ll choose between a ride meetup and a run meetup and when you want to meet. Once you’ve set a date and time, Zwift Companion will give you a choice between Watopia and that day’s scheduled guest world. Tap the world to select it, then choose your route and set a total distance or time duration for the Meetup. Below, you can tap the orange plus sign to invite more friends to your Meetup. There’s some space to send a message with your invitation if you want.

Under “Customise Your Meetup,” you can choose how the meetup functions. Choose “None” for a normal ride, or “Keep Everyone Together” for a ride where everyone stays together no matter how much power they’re putting out. As the description says, “You’ll be able to draft and move around in the group without fear of being dropped unless you stop pedalling.” This can be a fun way to help people of different abilities ride together!

Finally, hit “Send” to create the Meetup.

Important Info:

  • You can only invite people to a Meetup if they’re following you.
  • The maximum number of followers you can invite is 50.
  • You can schedule a meetup up to 7 days ahead of time.


Are you the one who’s been invited to a Meetup? You’ll get a notification in game, and you can see the invitation in blue on the “Home” screen of Zwift Companion. Tap it to see details about the Meetup and respond “Going” or “Not Going.”

When it’s time for your Meetup, log in before it’s scheduled to start. You can’t join late, so make sure to be on time! Zwift will notify you a few minutes before the Meetup is going to begin, then take you to the starting point to wait with your friends. When the countdown hits zero, the Meetup has started.

This blog was originally posted by Zwift at https://zwift.com/news/19189-zwift-how-to-ride-with-friends

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