The Gift of Triathlon

Give someone special the opportunity to experience the benefits of a whole year of multisport with a British Triathlon Home Nation Gift Membership.

Gift Membership will provide your gift recipient with a digital membership card, a Christmas card, and an exclusive Winter Training Bundle*.

Buy before Sunday 15 December 2019* (Tuesday 17 December 2019 for Triathlon Scotland) to make sure the Gift Membership pack arrives in time for Christmas or, if you’ve missed the deadline, download our Christmas       e-card* from the purchase email so you can give something to open on the day.

*Terms and conditions apply. Only available for Core and Ultimate membership packages. Triathlon England purchases only. Triathlon Scotland offers a Scottish themed gift membership package, which is different to the one above. Welsh Triathlon membership is now electronic, details of how to access membership and free Welsh Triathlon socks will be included in your purchase email.



Fuel your way to peak performance

Anyone focused on training and performance knows that everything starts with the right fuel and energy. During the winter, our body has to work even harder to maintain performance levels whilst training, so it’s even more important to ensure that we’re nourishing our bodies in the correct ways both before, during and after training.

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From performance to indulgence, British triathlon has you covered.

OTE Sports and Whole Earth have come together to supply us with loads of delicious and energy packed, balanced meal recipes for you to try.

Peanut butter is a food product packed with nourishment and energy – it’s so much more than just a condiment to accompany your breakfast. Whole Earth have supplied us with mouth-watering recipes that celebrate peanut butter, from porridge pots and pancakes to stir fry’s and lunchtime wraps with a twist.

OTE Sports design and develop award winning sports nutrition and healthy snacking produce using natural ingredients. They are great tasting, kind on your stomach, easy to use and deliver performance when you need it most. Put simply – goodness in, greatness out the other side.

OTE Sports are front and centre of all our triathletes at any level and their range of naturally flavoured energy products and recovery drinks have been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes to bring the best tasting and functionally effective performance products on the market.

Getting your head around sports nutrition

Sports nutrition can be quite complex and for anybody new to the world of endurance sport, getting your diet and nutrition right can enhance not only your exercise experience but also your general wellbeing. Here’s a couple of common questions:

When do you eat?
How much do you eat?
Why should you eat?

OTE Sports have helpfully supplied us with lots of interesting information, articles, recipes to help you along your way.

Check out all the useful articles and information both Whole Earth and OTE Sports have put together for our winter training guide. 




Digital partners to aid your winter training

Digital has crept into every element of our lives and the triathlon world is no different. We have partnered with four companies who are leading the way with forward-thinking digital training.

How these partners work together to support your training experience

What do our training partners offer members to support their winter training?

When you become a British Triathlon member, you get access to group workouts, e-races and in-game unlocks like the British Triathlon jersey for your avatar. Our partnership with Zwift has established an official place for members to train, race and interact with other members.

Training Peaks provides access to athletes and coaches on the British Triathlon World Class Programme and support team, allowing them to log workouts, plan their season, analyse their heart rate, pace and other data. After each workout, Training Peaks breaks down the complex data to deliver valuable feedback so you can see exactly where your fitness is improving.

In order to get set up at home and ready to train through the winter, you need some updated gear. A turbo is an essential piece of any home set-up and our partner, Wahoo has all the products that fit and work seamlessly with Zwift.

A recent addition to our line-up, 4iiii has now been announced as the Official Power Meter Supplier for British Triathlon. As a member you receive an exclusive discount on the 4iiii product family which includes power meters and heart rate monitors.

Understanding your performance is paramount when looking to find the marginal gains in each activity.

How they all fit together

Cycling is all about understanding power and output, if you can understand where your energy is being used, you can start to manage this in an intelligent way to get the most out of each ride or run. 4iiii’s power meter allows you to accurately manage your power output so you can stay in control.

You can use Training Peaks as your daily or weekly calendar of activity. In the calendar you can schedule all your training sessions and even set the intensity. Once complete, you’re then able to upload this information into Zwift so you can race and take part in rides which fit in with your training plan. 

Wahoo is one of the leading suppliers of turbos on the market. Their turbos allow you to turn your road bike into a indoor trainer. There’s a type of turbo to fit every standard and budget. 


Nothing is more important than your safety

Whilst we have lots of digital partners that support you in your training indoors, we know that it’s nice to get out in the fresh air and blow off the cobwebs. At any time of year, getting out on the road comes with its challenges but even more so in the winter. Staying safe out on the roads is important to us and we have partners that feel precisely the same way.


A focus on innovation and adventure

When British Triathlon were on the hunt for an Official Vehicle Partner, cyclist and pedestrian safety needed to align with this decision.

Volvo invest a huge amount of time, money and energy into safety innovation. Routinely voted as the safest car on the road, Volvo cars have a range of technology included on the vehicle that aim to provide a safer environment and less accidents on the road. When this is partnered with their continued effort and drive regarding environmental and social issues – Volvo as a brand aligns perfectly to British Triathlon.

You wouldn’t get into your car without insurance so it’s always seemed strange that so many people ride their bikes without it. You could be left in a pickle if you get into an accident whilst on the road. Our membership package provides gold standard public liability insurance and when partnered Yellow Jersey’s insurance options you’ll have everything covered moving forward. Yellow Jersey provide competitive and stringent cyclist insurance to support you if the worst should happen when you’re out and about.

Yellow Jersey have a range of different insurance options suited to every triathletes’ level and with the competitive rates assigned to British Triathlon members it’s a no brainer.

Introducing the VOLVO Affinity SCheme

As a British Triathlon member, you are entitled to exclusive discount on the Volvo Cars range. You’ll also get a selection of other benefits – each one designed to help you get the most from your Volvo car.

From SUVs with refined strength, elegant and versatile estates and hatchbacks, to sophisticated and dynamic saloons, our award-winning range has a focus on innovation and world-leading safety technology all carefully crafted to make your life easier.


There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing or equipment

Wearing the right clothes when out and about during winter is vitally important. Our partners have plenty of products to see you through the winter. Maybe you’re interested in swimwear to help you train or weatherproof luggage for when you’re out and about ROKA and KitBrix have you covered.


Equipment perfect for triathletes

A range of partners to ensure you’re always prepared.

ROKA was formed in a garage in Austin, Texas by two former Stanford All-American swimmers on a mission to build the world’s fastest wetsuit. ROKA swimsuits are worn by some of the best triathletes around and as a partner of the British Triathlon there are exclusive promotions to take advantage of too.

Organise and protect your kit with a well thought through bag system designed and produced by KitBrix with multiple functional benefits helping you be organised and move fast to maximise your active lifestyle.

Professionally selected high quality fabrics, intelligent layout and functionality that works hard for you. Enabling time saving convenience, ease of use and access removing stress each day.

Get organised with KITbrix

The world’s first backpack with a built-in gym locker. Created for professionals who train hard. With its unique KitBrix™ training gear section and space for a 17-inch laptop, your phone charger, an iPad, work equipment and a whole load more, your CityBrix will be with you wherever you work, train and play.


In Partnership With

Whole Earth